Dalibor Balić - Parkour Reporter
Born in Serbia in 1982.
I started shooting photos with the first digital cameras, I was amazed that I could shoot as many photos I want without worrying about the film and developing cost.
Beautiful moments last to quick so I wanted to freeze the emotion of that moment and revive it whenever.
I print a lot of photos and hang them on my walls, every while my eyes fall on the random picture and I remember that moment again. Reviving these moments, make me happier :)
Sometime around 2006, I took photography more seriously so started studying a lot about photography, and from 2008 I started with professional services as well. 

I always liked to take a picture that will not be a beautiful shot but also tell the story so i shoot a lot of events (sport, music, culture...)
In 2011 I've met parkour when Krap Invaders was in my city. I immediately fall in love with this amazing discipline and beautiful people. I wanted to become part of the Parkour world and contribute as much as I can to promote it.
The same day I started practicing parkour and I soon became the official photographer of Krap. 
In 2014 I started traveling around Europe to document as much of Parkour/Freerunning events. 
I've been on hundreds of small, big events as 4TLOM, FamJam, FPK, and many many many others in many countries, Italy, Austria, Germany, France, Belgium, Netherland, Finland, Bosnia, etc..
Hoping that you like my work and you maybe bought some prints to keep you inspired, it would also be a great help to me to continue the Parkour Reporter mission.


Beside Parkour as my main objective, I worked for the commercial industry, portraits, and many music events as other freestyle or extreme sports as a skateboard, BMX, Motocross.

I think passion for nude art does not need explanation :)
But the way I like to do it is exploring details find shapes and lines that are simply beautiful even if not really recognizable.
Oposit from reporting photos, with nude art I like to make confusion, to be abstract. Best compliments, rewards for my nude art photos are when people have these photos on their walls for some time, and still, they ask me, is it actually a belly, or back, or shoulder.
I reply "it is what you wanna see" or "It is exactly what you see"
My goal is reached when they imagine and interpretate the photo. For me, it means that the picture is not just a nice photo, but it opens the viewer eyes and imagination, that is what the art is supposed to do, i believe.

Dalibor Balić

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