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10 Oct 2016


Parkour Reporter is project/mission by photographer Dalibor Balic with goal to create photographic documentation of all important ADD/Parkour/Freerunning events, places, people in order to promote and contribute to this fascinating discipline and community.





   In 2011 at Krap Invaders 2 I met parkour for the first time in real life, documenting the event for the city Schio. I was totally amazed by great moves, but even more by people community there was more then 100 guys from many countries around the world, mostly don't knowing each other, but still they behave as they were all brothers and sister. Incredible presence of love, support, friendship and positive energy in the air made me to  fall in love with this discipline and people community. Guys were also happy with my photos, and fortunately they needed photographer. Few days after I started training, and I became official photographer of Krap, shooting every event, small or big.

     Contrà Pria - Krap Invaders 2.0, multiple shots in one picture


  In 2014 I decided to extend my passion internationally. My first international, jam was FAMJAM 2014, where i was very well accepted and met much more amazing people. After that one already many people knew about my work, so i had opportunity to work with more events, Finland, Bosnia etc..,

 FamJam 2014 - Munich

 PowerFlow Jam 2014 - Finland


     In 2015 i'be been official photographer on much more events (4TLOM, MoveInTheAir...)
My passion for parkour was getting stronger and stronger after every day, after every event. Parkour Reporter became my life and I was official photographer on some event almost every weekend of 2016 (Krap, 4TLOM,NextArea MoveInTheAir, FPK and many many more). Almost every single day of my life i was doing something about parkour either it was training, shooting, post processing and because of huge experience with events, i was also consulted and involved in organization of some and even coaching.

     Making my living of parkour reporting is my absolute first priority because include many of my passions (photography, travel, explore, sport, people, adventure) Still it is not at all a easy mission. We all know parkour is not (enough) commercial sport so beside all the great fun i have doing this project, when it comes to pay bills, it's still huge struggle.

    .I was constantly thinking about, how to travel to all events, how to continue this work without being economically heavy to community.

      I came up with this idea, instead of giving me cash for my work, the organizers give me free tickets for the event, I organize and promote the trip, guys who travel with me pay me for the event ticket and for the trip (the trip with me must be the cheapest travel option, in this way organizers doesn't spend money, my passengers save money, they have direct trip to the event, they travel comfortable in good fun, and very often we have some adventures during the trip. My trip became possible and finally we all have good photos, everybody is happy :D, That is how GlobeTracer was born. Since my old car was dying I needed new big strong car for long trips, often more then 1000km. I started looking for sponsors but surprisingly quickly I had huge opportunity from Andi the boss of the FAM, RubyMove and Parkour.org which have in big part supported the project.


      With Globetracer i was not only going to parkour events, but also organizing tours on my one, in summer 2016 with guys from Salzburg (Toby, Bensch, Jonas, Stefan and Michi) we did about 6000km in 3 weeks on very spontaneous tour thru Germany, France, Spain and Italy.


      I hope in all my heart to continuity of Parkour Reporter and Globetracer project, if you feel like supporting my work, a free donation would be very apreciated.

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October 10, 2016

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