Shine Parkour legacy hangout workshop

11 Oct 2016

      Last weekend (8-9 october 2016) i've spent very good time in Ravenna (Italy) in Shine Parkour gym "Caverna" and their new amazing outdoor park "Darsena Pop Up".








     The idea of event was to train with some strong experienced athletes and learn from their experience. Invited guests was Pedro Salgado (Portugal), Aral Roca Gomez (Spain) and Bogdan Cvetkovic (Serbia). 



     Most of the time participants were split in 3 groups where each of coaches proposed exercises and games which i personally enjoyed a looot. Exercises were about conditioning, technic training but mostly, thru some games coaches tried to transmit a different way of thinking, seeing and training. With photos and words in my Engrish i will try to explain those exercises and strongly suggest you to try them out because they are very funny, creative, useful, and help you to get more focus, power and awareness. 



Running on the sand on path around sticks. 
2 Teams, when one player finish the line, the next one start.
Team in which all players complete the run wins, the other team, obviously do push ups.
It might seem easy but running fast on sand with sharp direction changing is pretty hard, good for your legs ;)






    Run over obstacles is pretty easy for most of us. If you train often on same spot you might get bored after sometime. Bogdan like to add "spices" in his trainings.
Try to run over obstacles while being constantly aware where is the ball and be ready to catch it and trow it back (you never know when it comes :) )

Also try trowing ball to each other while balancing on rail.



Aral proposed kind of Zombie game. But zombie must touch you with a ball, and off course the floor is lava :)











 There was few variations of blind moving. In this one everybody was trying to catch Bogdan following the music from smartphone.




Blind movement thru complex part was not easy but it was super fun and help you develop other senses.

In another exercise by Salgado, everyone had a partner who lead him without touching him but trying to explain what is in front of him and how/where to go.







 No obstacles, no spots near to you? Use your friends jump over them :)
Another team game by Aral. Jump over line of your friends and lay down after last one. Then the first in line start jumping over. Team which first arrive to finish line wins.


 Still T-shirt and try not to be catched, can only move in quadrupedia (catwalk) :)


 Probably my favorite exercise of that day. Follow Salgado while everybody hold each other hands. A real team work movement, you are not only depend on guys who hold your hands but sometime to climb up you have to step on knee of someone who is 3-4 positions far. Parkour is only about kong pre's and flips, in some situations you would use your eyebrows to climb.


























      Thanks to Shine Parkour for opportunity and great event, to Bogdan Cvetkovic, Aral Roca Gomez and Pedro Salgado for wonderful lessons and special thanks to Frederic Haas, Emanuele Brunello and BlaBla car passenger for making this trip possible to me :)


Check the full gallery HERE

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